I love creating. I take great joy in the intersection of the technical and the artistic. My first digital SLR (The Canon 20D) changed the way I viewed the world. I am a founding director of Watering Can Media and we started using Digital SLRs for filming over a decade ago. When the Canon 5D came out, it enabled us to create beautiful films at a fraction of what it had cost us before. A decade on, we use a range of newer equipment (Sony FS7, FX3, A7iv, A7Siii, Atomos Ninja, DJI Mavic, Ronin) but the passion from those first experiences has stayed with us.

I love creating content that is inspiring, creative and tells a story in a powerful way.

My favourite content to be involved with and I am actively seeking:

  1. Interviewing people about their lives and their incredible journey
  2. Products that change our lives for the better
  3. Adventures
  4. I love filming renewable energy projects that have a impact on the Earth
  5. Charities that change people’s lives

I choose a few projects a year to support and offer a reduced package, so please do get in contact if you fit into one of those 5 categories.

Currently I am working with

  1. Infinite Energy filming Solar farms and wind turbines. We have created 6 films together this year already
  2. Care For The Family – An amazing charity that is close to my heart. We have the privilege to interview people about their bereavement stories to create a resources to help others. I also was interviewed for this project myself after loosing my wife Katy to cancer many years ago.
  3. A large Swiss company (NDAs prevent me naming a lot of my clients)
  4. Emily King – elite level SUP athlete who regularly wins Iconic Elite Races and UK National Race Series.

Please get in contact if you would like to work together

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